Top Three in Thirty: April 23, 2018

Last week NASA and SpaceX launched the largest telescope ever. It’s nickname is TESS and it’s mission is to find alien life

In other Elon Musk news, Tesla halted production of the new Model S (again). The problem? Too many robots and not enough humans on the assembly line.

Amazon just launched Alexa Blueprints which allows owners to customize their smart home friend without learning to code. 


Top Three in Thirty: April 16, 2018

Apple is cracking down on internal leaks. They issued a companywide memo that vows harsher punishments for sharing info with the public. Ironically the confidential memo was leaked to the press.

Spotify and Hulu announced a partnership that gives users both services for $13 a month. Not to be outdone, Netflix has cozied up to Comcast and will begin offering exclusive deals for xfinity users.

Instagram’s newest update, Focus, allows users to take portrait-style photos even if they don’t have an iPhoneX. No word on if this will replace the flower crown filter but here’s to hoping. 

Top Three in Thirty: April 9, 2018


Facebook is being criticized (again) this time by civil groups who say the company has not done enough to censor the spread of hate speech over the continued, escalating violence in Myanmar. Mark Zuckerberg has refuted these claims saying that they have deleted sensational messages and will continue to monitor the crisis.

President Donald Trump continues to wage war on Amazon claiming they have left the United States Postal Service in financial ruin. Others argue that the rise of Amazon Prime has only helped the mail system which reported almost $3 billion in losses last year.

Walmart has announced plans to roll out over 500 pick-up towers across the country this year. The towers work like vending machines distributing your online purchases. Shoppers can also receive discounts if they use a pick-up tower over shopping in a store.

Top Three in Thirty: April 2, 2018

Tesla has just issued its third major recall on the Model S sedan due to issues with power steering. This time it affects all vehicles produced before April 2016.

Apple's latest iOS update includes a battery health tool, upgrades to the ARKit and new Animojis for the iPhone X.

Facebook continues to revamp its privacy practices with an all new Privacy Shortcut that allows users to check their basic info, the ads they see and delete old posts.

Top Three in Thirty: March 26, 2018

Last week’s news that more than 50-million Facebook users may have had their personal information leaked to a British data firm has many championing the movement to #DeleteFacebook. Celebrities including Cher and Elon Musk have since removed their accounts. To date Facebook has 2.1 billion users worldwide.

Looks like the rumors from Apple’s media event, which takes place tomorrow in Chicago, are true: the company is debuting its most affordable iPad yet. It’s geared towards educational purposes with some betting a MacBook Air will also be announced.

Instagram has finally listened to the people and are going back to a more chronological format in your timeline. This comes after months of complaints from users who opposed the algorithm layout that showed posts based on what Instagram thought you would be interested in seeing.

Top Three in Thirty: March 19, 2018

Apple has announced a media event focusing on "new ideas for teachers and students". Early speculation is that they may be announcing lower-priced versions of the iPad and MacBook Air. The event takes place on March 27 in Chicago.

Lyft has announced they are beta testing a monthly subscription program that would give users up to 30 rides for $200 a month. The CEO says this is an attempt to move the industry away from ownership to subscription.

Children of the 90's brace for nostalgia: Tamagotchis are back! A new app called My Tamagotchi Forever brings your beloved digital pet into the world of augmented reality allowing you to take selfies, go shopping and yes, clean up after it.