Top 3 Gadgets on Kickstarter This Week: August 20, 2018

BricksPower is a true wireless phone charger that works simply by sticking to the back of your phone. No power source, no cable needed.

BedJet 3 is a climate controlled blanket that can be set at two different temperatures so you can sleep peacefully knowing you won’t get divorced over the thermostat.

The Fidj is a tiny sticker like device you put on the back of your phone and it becomes a fidget spinner. There’s also a connected app for the ultimate in time wasting.

Top Three in Thirty: August 13, 2018

Watch out Amazon, Samsung is officially in the smart speaker market with the all new Galaxy Home. It plays music, controls devices and costs $300.

New York City has passed a law limiting the number of Uber and Lyft drivers on the road to help the failing taxi + subway systems. Poor wages for cab drivers + too much traffic on the road were also reasons why the vote passed 39-to-6.

Despite losing over $300 million last quarter, Snap Inc. (aka Snapchat's parent company) received a $250 million investment from the Saudi royal family. The family also invests in Twitter + Lyft.

Top Three in Thirty: July 30, 2018

Days after Facebook's value dropped over $123 billion, Twitter shares dropped 20% and they reported a loss of 1 million monthly active users. Is this the end of an era for the OGs of social media?

Walmart has partnered with Google’s driverless car company, Waymo, to bring shoppers in Phoenix to and from their stores. Hopefully these rides will be safer than when Uber tested driverless cars in AZ.

Last week scientists discovered a body of salt water underground on Mars. If correct, this could help the theory that there is in fact life on the Red Planet.

The iOS 12 Updates That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Apple won't officially release the all-new iOS 12 for a few more months, but we've been using their beta version and we have to admit: it's a giant step up from iOS 11--especially for iPhone X users. 

The little changes Apple made to iOS 12 add up to a big impact for your daily using habits. Some of our favorites, which we mention in this video, include: 

*Alternate Appearance for facial recognition --  no more having to give your significant other your code to access your phone, just set them up with an alternate profile (ok, do you REALLY wanna do that?!)

*Grouped Notifications aka Instant Tuning -- if you're like me and you get at least 15 notifications every.single.time. you take an Uber ride or you're on that group chat and just can't keep up, this is the feature you'll love the most.

*A fully functioning camera (complete with filters) right from your text messages 

*Siri can recall your passwords for you! This one is huge! No more worrying about what your Netflix password is or what you upgrade your Spotify password to, just ask Siri nicely and she'll tell you! 

While there are a lot of exciting changes coming with iOS 12 including Group FaceTime, Animojis and an updated AR Kit, this video is about the things that will make your life easier AKA the things that we HATED about iOS 11 that iOS 12 totally fixes.

Have you had a chance to try iOS 12 yet? Are you even Team Apple or Team Android? Tell us in the comments below!

Top Three in Thirty: July 23, 2018

Walmart continues to try and compete with Amazon this time announcing they are considering creating a television streaming service to rival Amazon Prime and Netflix. They hope to capture middle America who want to streaming services but don’t want to pay the costs of other companies.

Speaking of Netflix, they just announced a deal with Sirius XM radio to create a comedy channel focused on stand up and original programming. 

Apple just rolled out a new line of MacBook keyboards after criticism that the newest models were poorly constructed and had a tendency to break. Turns out the issue was when dust would get under the keys.

Top Three in Thirty: July 16, 2018

Facebook is now testing Augmented Reality in their ads. The first business to jump on board was Michael Kors. Users saw ads for sunglasses in their feed and then were able to try them on right using AR. Expect to see a lot more in the future.

WeWork is done with meat. They are no longer going to serve animal products or allow employees to expense meals with meat. While this is great for the environment, critics say its going way too far in what an employer can and cannot tell their employees to do.

Apple is working to develop renewable energy sources in China to combat pollution problems. Interestingly enough, environmentalists argue that if Apple’s products had a longer lifespan that would help cut down on waste.