Look Good When You’re Wearing Tech

Many companies are cashing in on the wearable trend, but only a few truly succeeding at making it look good. Enter Ringly, a connected tech-ssessory ring that vibrates and illuminates when you receive phone notifications. Not only does this ring offer discreet alerts, but also it’s an accessory that’s lovely enough to pair with an outfit for a night out. Even the app is well-designed.

We’ve all been in situations – meetings, movies, dinners – where it’s not polite to check your phone. Ringly offers customized vibration patterns and discreet light colors that notify you of important messages. Customize Ringly to vibrate once when your best friend calls, to flash a blue light when you have a Twitter notification, or to vibrate twice before your next meeting. You control what apps, emails, texts, and calls are important.

Ringly is compatible iOS and Android devices, and supports a variety of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and Tinder among others. Fully charged, Ringly will operate for two days, and when the battery is running low, the app will let you know when it’s time to place it back in the ring box to recharge. It’s a simple process to set up, too. Open the Ringly app, click connect, and you’re ready to receive notifications in seconds.

Currently Ringly is available in four semi-precious and precious gemstones including black onyx, pink sapphire, rainbow moonstone, and emerald. Visit their website to preorder for the reduced price of $145. Orders are expected to ship this Fall.