How Smart is Your Piggy Bank?

Yes, we know everything is connected. And well you may want to file this under totally useless but if you have kids this is a novel way to teach some financial responsibility. The Porkfolio is the newest of gadgets in the “Internet of Things” space. So what exactly does the piglet of the future offer?


The Porkfolio connects via WiFi and Wink app and is available for both IPhone and Android stores. Storing up to $100 in quarters, the Porkfolio lights up when you feed it coins and can distinguish between the types of coins dropped into the bank for accuracy.



Within the app Porkfolio allows to set the color of your pig (it lights up when you feed it coins coins). Additionally you can track financial savings and set goals - (like when little Johnny wants a new bike). Best of all Porkfolio sends you phone notifications when someone is trying break into the belly of your pig.


Feel free to file this one under “novel and cute” but we like it. At just $34.99 this little piggy won’t break your bank.


Available at ThinkGeek $34.99