Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with These Throwback Gadgets

Living in the time of all this technology is awesome, but there’s that longing for something a little familiar. A telephone receiver, typewriter, pen and paper. Put a little throwback in your tech with some familiar items that fits your digital lifestyle.


If there’s one thing cell phones have not improved on is having marathon conversation while holding the phone between your ear and shoulder. (yes, we have headsets, but what’s the fun in that?). The Talk-N Dock lets you go back to 1984 with a classic receiver that plugs right into your phone. The dock allows you to charge your phone while you talk.

Available at Amazon $28.00



Get in touch with your inner Ernest Hemingway with this USB powered typewriter. This unique typewriter has all the same look, feel and loud clacks of the typewriter but works with any USB enabled device - Mac PC and Tablet.

Available at Uncommon Goods $799



Longing for the old school movie experience? Snap your smartphone into this projector and beef up the size of your screen on the wall. Slide your phone in the back (works with any size phone 3.5 or larger and adjust the glass for the best results.

Available at Uncommon Goods $27.99



Miss the days of having to get up to change the channel? Seiki does. For dash of retro in your home, check out this LED tv. The looks may be retro but this TV definitely isn’t. The Seiki Retro boasts 21.5" diagonal LED panel 1080p resolution, USB input for JPEG images and MP3 audio. Luckily for you, you don’t have to get up to change the channel, it comes with a remote.


Available at Amazon $159.99