Get Your Home Smart on a Budget.

Want to take advantage of some of the perks of having a smart home? Turning off lights? Opening and shutting your door? WeMo is an app that’s teamed with many household brands you know to bring a whole new experience to your day to day life. Here’s a few nifty items you can pick and control from your phone to  get your home smart without emptying your wallet.


Whether you have children, roommates or you’re just plain forgetful the Belkin power outlet and light is exactly what you need.  Save money this winter controlling any appliance, whether it’s a lamp, curling iron or space heater from your phone.

Available at Amazon $39.99 


Security of your home is paramount, how would you like to be able to answer the door, whether you’re in your living room, or on vacation? The Doorbot does exactly just that. The Doorbot connects easily to your Wifi, and can also be wired through your existing doorbell system.

Available at Amazon $194



We’re all super busy, but with Football and Holiday season around the corner the Crock Pot tends to get a lot of use. But who’s got time to sit around the house all day. The Crock Pot works easily through the WeMo app. Control the food you’re cooking change temperature, cooking time and on/off. Peace of mind and a great meal with no work.

Available at Amazon $129.99