Tech-Up Your Workout

It seems everyone is getting into the wearables game these days. And why not? Studies show, people who are more involved in their workout and have information about weight loss, heart rate and progress find better engagement in their fitness routine. There are quite a few wearables out on the market let's take a look at a few, perhaps you'll find the one that fits you best. 


Motorola has stepped in the market with the MotoActiv, definitely the most well rounded of the wearables tracking your golf game, swimming, running and a variety of activities. This wearable also has a built in media player and a number of apps that can be downloaded. The MotoActiv comes in 8 and 16GB. With a lot of features, it's a bit heavy, but great for someone who enjoys staying active. 


Available at Amazon $249.99




The Fitbit is probably one of the most recognizable brands out on the market right now, and the Fitbit light is has all of the features of the Fitbit Ultra such as tracking steps, calories burned, and how long you've slept with the added feature of being light, flexible and available in a variety of colors and shells. The best thing however about the Fitbit is its price at a $100 it beats out most of the competitors. 

 Available at Fitbit $100



As the prevalence of GPS and device navigation in phones, Tom Tom has a bit of a hardtime staying in the game. After a failed partnership with Nike, they struck out on their own in the wearables game with the Tom Tom Runner. This is for the person who just wants to run, but provides more details than just a basic activity tracker (calories, distance, heart rate) but also also allows you to run and track your pace on a treadmill. At $149 the Runner is also a deal over the other guys. 


Available at Amazon $149