Stop Killing Your Plants With this Nifty Gadget



Are your thumbs more brown than green? Do plants wilt in your presence? There’s a new gadget that’s hoping to change that for plant lovers everywhere and promises to never forget to water your plants.



The Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that you stick directly into the soil of your plant. Running off of a battery life of 6 months on just one AAA battery, the Flower Power looks like a pair of gardening shears.  The sensor measures PH of soil, sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer. This information gets sent to the cloud then pushed to your phone for immediate notifications.


The Flower Power app will tell you if your plant is getting enough sun, water, and nutrients. Available for both IPhone and Android, the app has a full dictionary to allow you to choose your type of plant and flower. It has been noted that there are a few downsides, the Flower Power sends notifications via bluetooth. With distance and range being an issue this may be best for someone who keeps their plants indoors.

Available at Amazon $59.99