Un-Dumb Your Desk With Smart Monitor Stands

Nothing can bring productivity down like a messy desk, and a monitor that’s a little too low for you to see and cords everywhere. So take the next step, clean up your desk and work like a boss with a few choices in Smart Monitor Stands.


Spacebar gives your desk a sleek and minimalist design, while also offering 4 additional USB ports and space to slide your keyboard or anything else underneath. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the USB ports only charge your technology, doesn’t actually transfer data. Also, the steep price point may be a stickler for some.

Spacebar, available at Quirky $99.99





The Satechi F3 Monitor Stand is a vast improvement over their last model, that offered very slow USB 2.0 speeds. The F3 has changed that, with 4 USB ports and headphone/mic jack keeps you connected. It’s slim, design is made of a hard plastic. Mac users take note though, this will not support a 27’ display.

 Available at Amazon $49.99


The Uboard takes desktop organization to another level with a monitor stand that doesn’t just offer you USB ports (it comes with 3) but also a dock for your phone and cup and memo holder.  The tempered glass top is perfect for finding all of the things that tend to get lost underneath it.

Available at Amazon $49.99