BRAVEN 705 Speaker Boasts Bold Sound & Vibrant Style

There are plenty of Bluetooth speaker options, but BRAVEN’s new 705 is one of our favorites. This small speaker is portable enough to take on adventures, but you shouldn’t let its size fool you. The 705 produces booming, clear sound that can fill a room or an ample outdoor space.  Bring it along for a walk, lounging poolside, or simply from room to room. The 705 is weatherproof and water resistant, so it will hold up through bumps, splashes, and drops.

What really sets this speaker apart, though, is its TrueWireless™ technology, which allows you to pair two speakers at the same time. Set one up on both sides of the room to ensure a party stays lively, or keep one on both ends of a conference room table to manage group calls with ease; the 705 features an integrated noise-cancelling microphone to make and take calls.

Available in vibrant colors like bright cyan, magenta, teal, purple, and yellow, the 705 will let you flaunt your team colors in your dorm room at a tailgate party, or add a burst of color to a home or office. For those who prefer a more muted palette, BRAVEN also offers the 705 in white, black, and gray.

The BRAVEN 705 is currently available at for $99.99.