coolest cooler

Be Sure to Snag the Coolest Cooler Before Summer Comes to an End

Your outdoor adventures just got a lot smarter.  We all know how much of a pain coolers can be, they break, they’re heavy and we’ve all had the experience of having a soggy sandwich. The Coolest cooler solves that problem, and so much more.

Created by serial inventor Ryan Grepper, the Coolest Cooler doesn't just keep your drinks cold, but brings the party to you. Get your drinks started with a 18V rechargeable blender, cooler divider (to separate drinks and food), cutting board and integrated plates. There’s nothing sadder than a drained battery at the end of the day. Coolest boasts a USB port to charge all of your electronics. If tunes are important Coolest has a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can be controlled by any phone from up to 20 feet away.

If that’s not enough for you, Coolest makes packing out a breeze with extra wide wheels (no getting stuck in the grass), and bungee cords tie-down your gear on top. While the Coolest is not on the market yet, there’s just a few days left in the Kickstarter campaign with funding reaching over 9 Million making this one of the most heavily funded Kickstarters ever.  

You can pre-order your Coolest with a pledge of $165 now via Grepper’s Kickstarter page, with delivery arriving in February 2015.