Start Swashing Between Washing

Laundry is one of our least favorite chores. You’ve got to separate the clothes, load them into the washer, unload and then reload into the dryer, unload them again, fold them, and then put everything away. We’re exhausted just thinking about it. What’s worse, is that sometimes you have a perfectly good shirt, jacket, or pair of jeans that aren’t necessarily dirty enough for a full washing, but definitely not clean enough for another wear.

Well it’s your lucky day laundry-haters, because Proctor and Gamble has introduced Swash, a new household appliance that will wash, dry, steam, iron, and dry clean your clothing in just ten-minutes. Here’s how it works: slide open the door, hang your clothing inside, pull the clothing item flat and clip the bottom in place, insert Swash’s pod cup, close the door, and select the cycle. Swash will freshen your clothes (in terms of smell and wrinkles), and also apply heat so they’ll fit just like they came out of the dryer.

Now, you’re still going to have to pick up the laundry basket now and then, but you’ll definitely be saving yourself some time and money (like frequent dry cleaning bills). Swash will delay your laundering and dry cleaning a bit longer, and since you won’t need to fully wash your clothes every time, you’ll be extending their lifetime, too.

Swash is currently available in black and white for $499 MSRP, and a pack of 12 swash pods will only set you back $7. Visit their website to see where you can buy one.