Andrew Felix likes to say he was born with a AAA battery in his hand. A resident of Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Felix started his career producing Monster Truck events, but quickly realized he liked his toys a bit more portable and the Tech Launch Pad’s Digital Lifestyle Expert was born! “My kids are probably lucky I don’t try to plug them in at night."

Kristen Mondshein

Kristen Mondshein is often times compared to Disney princesses, bubbly and optimistic. A Miami native, Kristen has been in the tech industry for over two years, but her broadcasting career dates back to elementary school, where she was the on-air host for the school’s morning segments. Kristen spends her time off the camera flying on trapeze and playing with her two chihuahuas. “Technology is such an integral part of life as we know it, and I love being a means of communicating the latest out there to consumers nationwide.